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Welcome to Freeman Park Auto Ltd

Freeman Park Auto Ltd are based in Cardiff the capital city of Wales and have a good experience in providing high quality new and used cars to the city and surrounding areas. The emphasis at Freeman Park Auto Ltd is to have satisfied and happy customers and keep the trend of good reviews and repeat business.

The art of selling cars requires a great deal of care, experience and knowledge of both prospective buyers ( customers ) and the products ( cars ). An absence of any of these factors can produce both an unhappy customer and business failure. Freeman Park Auto Ltd are aware of this have have a very experienced sales crew to help and guide our prospective and existing customers..

All our vehicles originate from highly reputable suppliers within the UK. We endeavour to make sure the cars we collect are always checked to make sure they are of the highest standards that we have portray as a company. If you do not see what you're looking for call us to see what we can do .

When buying a car the car's history and status are also as important as the make, colour, engine size and type so Freeman Park Auto Ltd make sure that the vehicle's status is important and you are able to be certain that the car you take is one that has legal status within the United Kingdom in addition to being a good value for your money.

Freeman Park Auto Ltd do not just stop the customer relationship by just selling you a vehicle of your choice and satisfaction but would also give you advice on how to maintain your vehicle. Our experienced sales staff will give you advice on how to keep your new pride and joy in good shape.

Freeman Park Auto Ltd provide the excellent level of customer service we are known for so we are very familiar with repeat and referred customers and always endeavour to show them that the choice they made in coming to us was the right one.

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